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On June 12, 2016, at a small nightclub in Orlando, the unspeakable happened when a gunman entered and began shooting. The Pulse tragedy is the largest mass shooting in U.S. history and those victimized were primarily members of the LGBTQ+/Latino community. Within hours, LGBTQ+ community leaders were already mobilizing to help victims, and within days, an informal alliance of organizations and individuals came together to work cooperatively to address the senseless tragedy. Over the next few months, the all-volunteer alliance became an essential source of information and support for victims, their families and the LGBTQ+ community.

Today, the organizations that came together after Pulse have turned tragedy into hope by forming One Orlando Alliance. The Alliance serves existing and emerging LGBTQ+ organizations, while providing an inclusive platform for diverse perspectives and voices from all who make up our community. We will continue to bring together LGBTQ+ organizations and work to transform Central Florida into an accepting and unified community for all. As we look to the future, the fundamental values of inclusivity, respect, communication, and collaboration – that originally brought us together – remain the cornerstone of our efforts as we honor those we have lost with purposeful action that will allow our community to thrive in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orlando United Day?

Orlando United Day – a Day of Love and Kindness, is dedicated to honoring the memory of the 49 taken, supporting survivors and recognizing the compassion and love displayed by our community. Through Acts of Love and Kindness and events and activities, the day will benefit the greater Central Florida LGBTQ+ community and beyond. This historical day is being supported collaboratively by the City of Orlando, Orange County Government, Orlando United Alliance and Pulse owner Barbara Poma. For more information about the events taking place to remember the victims and honor the survivors, go to

How Can I Participate in Orlando United Day – A Day of Love and Kindness?

Individuals, groups, and businesses are encouraged to participate on June 12.

Why Should I Participate in Orlando United Day – a Day of Love and Kindness?

Following the Pulse tragedy, the Central Florida community united to support those injured, victims’ families and one another. Orlando United Day is an opportunity to join with others to continue the unity that followed the tragedy. Acts of Love and Kindness on June 12 is a respectful and loving way to remember the lives of those lost and to show compassion to those who need support.

Who Can Participate in Orlando United Day – a Day of Love and Kindness?

Individuals, groups and businesses are encouraged to participate on June 12 in Acts of Love and Kindness. Whether here in Central Florida, or around the world, showing love and kindness is something we all have the power to do.

How Can I Participate in Orlando United Day?

Everyone is encouraged to serve and to make this day the beginning of an ongoing commitment to serving their community. All types of service are encouraged, including projects that connect you to ongoing opportunities to serve throughout the year, have a lasting impact or build the capacity of organizations to meet community needs. Visit to view volunteer opportunities or get ideas for how you can show Acts of Love and Kindness in your community.

Is There a Cost to Participate?

Orlando United service projects are hosted by local non-profit organizations. There is no cost to volunteer. Click here to view a list of service projects, choose a nonprofit organization in your community where you would like to serve or come up with your own idea of how you can show Acts of Love and Kindness in your community.

How Can I Continue to Serve After Orlando United Day?

Continue your service by connecting your Orlando United Day experience to service being done in our community throughout the year. Learn more about the needs of our community and the organizations who are working to address them

Share Your Story

Share the love and service that you are providing on social media by using the hashtags #ActLoveGive and #OrlandoUnitedDay