On June 12, 2016, Orlando experienced one of the worst mass shootings in American history. All told, 49 lives were taken, 68 individuals were physically injured and countless others were impacted by the tragedy at Pulse nightclub. Most of those victimized identified as LGBTQ+, Latinx and/or Black/African American. 

While June 12 represents a tragic day in our history, it also marks a turning point – a moment when the entire Orlando community united with compassion and resiliency to denounce hate and fear and stand up for love, respect and inclusivity. The outpouring of support we received, from across the world, became embedded into our community and the Acts of Love and Kindness movement was born.   

ACT.  Do something to help others in our community. This could be volunteering for a nonprofit or simply doing something nice for someone with the intention of showing love and kindness. You can also honor those taken on June 12th and share space with community. There is no cost to participate or volunteer.

LOVE. Spread the love by sharing your stories, photos and videos of why you Act, Love, or Give on social media using the hashtag #ActLoveGive. Our signature #ActLoveGive photo cards are also available in the #ActLoveGive Toolkit – simply download, write in with whatever compels YOU to Act, Love or Give and share with whomever you see fit.

GIVE. This year we are encouraging donations to direct service providers within our Alliance. Please review our list of members and make financial donations to the organizations that resonate with you personally. What matters is that you are sharing what you can with a cause that is meaningful to you..

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