Acts of love and kindness from across the nation and beyond have showered our Central Florida community since that fateful day in June 2016. To continue in this effort, we invite you to join the One Orlando Alliance during the fifth year of our #ActLoveGive campaign, launching on Saturday, April 25 and culminating on Orlando United Day, Friday, June 12, 2021.

Over the past four years, over 7,500 people have volunteered their time in support of “Acts of Love and Kindness” totaling more than 15,000 hours of service at various non-profits around Central Florida.

Whatever is a meaningful way for YOU to contribute to the love and kindness movement is perfect. Be sure to share on social media using #ActLoveGive to help ensure that the good deeds being done ripple throughout our community and beyond.


Join the movement by volunteering with a community based organization that best fits your individual personality. Be sure to tell them that you are donating your time and talent as part of the Acts of Love and Kindness movement and share your experience, if you choose, on social media using #ActLoveGive.

If you need help deciding what to do, download the 49 Acts of LOVE and KINDNESS (Lovingly expressed by the families of the 49) and 10 ways to show LOVE and KINDNESS (Suggested by Pulse survivors) from our #ActLoveGive Toolkit for ideas on how you can implement love and kindness throughout your day. These suggestions were lovingly curated by those affected most directly by the tragedy so your actions will be reflected directly in their honor.

One Orlando Alliance is always looking for individuals who want to volunteer. You can volunteer with One Orlando Alliance or we can connect you with one of the many organizations that are members of the Alliance. To be contacted with volunteer opportunities available within the One Orlando Alliance please email

Please indicate whether you are interested in working directly with the Alliance or whether you would like to be connected with one (or more) of our member organizations. A list of One Orlando Alliance members can be found here.

Nonprofit Organizations

We invite you to be a host organization for citizen volunteers. You do a great service by giving others the opportunity to lend a hand and get involved to help our community. You are the expert here so get creative.

This is a special day to amplify the work you do every day. In whatever way your organization serves our community, simply do it with the intention of honoring those affected by Pulse and invite others to join you.

Some organizations package meals while some host food pantry drives. Others open their doors for volunteers to help organize their warehouses or to spend time with sheltered animals. No act is too big or too small.

Please send us photos of past years activities through our partner portal, and post this year’s photos and videos of your organization out in the community using the hashtag #ActLoveGive.


Companies across Central Florida have been a big part of the success of this movement and we encourage you to offer opportunities for your employees to do so again this year. Whether officially through an Employee Resource Group outing, an organized Employee Volunteer Day, or simply encouraging coworkers to do good deeds on their lunch break – you can show pride in your work and community by joining this movement.

While there is no shortage of worthy nonprofits to support in our community and we hope you will consider volunteering with one of our member organizations.  Some companies have also found meaningful ways to how love, kindness and gratitude to First Responders as well. No matter which community service provider you choose, please be sure they know your company is turning out in support of the Acts of Love and Kindness movement.

If you have photos from previous year activities, please send them to us through our partner portal, and be sure to post this year’s photos and videos of your company involvement using the hashtag #ActLoveGive.

Support Orlando One Alliance

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