June 12 was proclaimed as “Orlando United Day: A Day of Love and Kindness” on the one year anniversary of the Pulse Tragedy in 2017. In conjunction with the City of Orlando and Orange County Government, One Orlando Alliance also launched Acts of Love and Kindness. Now, we begin 49 days in advance of June 12th, to honor the 49 taken, and spread love and kindness throughout our entire community.

From the family members and survivors, to the first responders, to those working at community organizations, to the mental health professionals and caregivers, to residents in the neighborhood and all who live in our Central Florida community and beyond who were touched by the tragedy…we created this for you and for all of us.

Acts of Love and Kindness is not an event but rather a home-grown movement to encourage our entire community and those around the world to honor all those affected by simply acting, loving and giving.

Each year, we ask members of our community to share their own unique experiences. Whether witnessing an act of kindness over the last year or planning ways to personally give back, we encourage our diverse community to tell its story in whatever way is meaningful to them. Orlando continues to respond with love.

We invite you to share your stories with us! Send us photos from past years through our partner portal, and post this year’s photos and videos of you or your organization out in the community using the hashtag #ActLoveGiveon social media.

Our signature “Because” photo cards are available in our #ActLoveGive Toolkit. Download those and use to help spread the message of why you Act, Love or Give.

And, of course, follow and engage with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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