Calls for Safe and Inclusive Central Florida for LGBTQ+ Individuals

Today, a coalition of over 40 LGBTQ+ organizations released the third edition of the Alliance Agenda, an annual report identifying the top 10 issues affecting LGBTQ+ safety, equality and well-being in Central Florida. 

The 2020 Community Report calls upon governmental officials, business leaders, philanthropists and nonprofit leaders to join One Orlando Alliance in addressing key issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community including anti-racism, coming out, hate crimes, health care, homelessness, immigration, transgender and nonbinary, vulnerable populations, workplace equality, and youth. The 2020 Alliance Agenda also covers a special topic of COVID-19 and reveals how the pandemic has affected those most marginalized in the LGBTQ+ community.

On June 12, 2016, Orlando experienced one of the worst mass shootings in American history. 49 lives were taken, 68 were injured and countless individuals were impacted by the tragedy at Pulse nightclub. Most of those victimized identified as LGBTQ+, Latinx and/or Black/African American. While June 12th represents a tragic day in Central Florida’s history, it also marks a turning point – a moment when Orlando united with compassion and resilience to denounce hate and stand up for love, respect and inclusivity. 

“The Alliance Agenda, co-created by members of the One Orlando Alliance, honors the Pulse victims and builds on our promise to them of looking to the future. By staying true to the fundamental values of inclusivity, respect, communication and collaboration that originally brought us together, our coalition commits to purposeful action to ensure our community thrives in the future,” said Jennifer Foster, Founding Executive Director of One Orlando Alliance. “Collectively, we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all who live and visit here,” she added. The report is released in October to coincide with Come Out With Pride and LGBTQ+ History Month. Download the report at

About One Orlando Alliance

One Orlando Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to unify and empower LGBTQ+ organizations in Central Florida. The coalition includes over 40 organizations working together to transform Central Florida into a safe and inclusive community where all LGBTQ+ people can thrive. For more information, go to