In the five years since the Pulse tragedy on June 12, 2016, the Orlando LGBTQ+ community has grieved the loss of our 49 angels, and we have grown our capacity to care for one another. As we approach this five year milestone, we are working together to develop a unified schedule of remembrance events. One Orlando Alliance is the primary convener of these conversations. OnePulse Foundation is a member of the Alliance, and we are working very closely on coordination.

Communication Guidelines

When communicating about the Pulse tragedy in media or personally:

  • Please assume that victim family members, survivors, and/or first responders may be present at any event or viewing any content (including social media posts) created to mark this occasion.

  • Out of respect for victims and survivors, please refrain from sharing graphic audio or video clips.

  • We use the term “remembrance” rather than “anniversary,” acknowledging that anniversary often carries positive connotations.

  • The victims of the Pulse tragedy were primarily Latinx and/or Black. Whenever possible, materials related to remembrance events should also be available in Spanish.

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