Shea is a Project Manager for the top public housing agency in America specializing in Section 8. Moving to the area at a young age, she has called Central Florida her home for the last 17 years. She is an alumni of Valencia College graduating on President’s List with degrees in Business Management and Business Administration. Shea is a certified business specialist. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, operating her own sales force by 10 and started her first successful business at 19.

Shea is a proud Woman of Color from the transgender experience and has been fulfilling her call to activism for the last 11 years. She has done this through peer-to-peer support, lending her personal resources to those in immediate need. Shea also spear heads conference series and brings together organizations and businesses to bridge the gap for transgender and gender non-conforming persons who may otherwise be disenfranchised.

Currently, Shea’s passions have directed her to becoming one of the founding members of The R.I.S.E. Initiative with the goal of real employment and sustainable income for Transgender and gender non-conforming persons in the Central Florida area. She is also on the Advisory Counsel and founding member of G.A.P., The Gender Advancement Project, working with other trans/GNC lead initiatives and organizations to bridge gaps in the lives of individuals in the trans/GNC community from a multi-point approach.